Beyond Memory : The Crimean Tatars’ Deportation and Return

17 Aralık 2017


In the final days of World War II, Stalin ordered the deportation of the entire Crimean Tatar population, nearly 200,000 people. Beyond Memory offers the first ethnographic exploration of this event, as well as the 50 year movement for repatriation. Many of the Crimean Tatars have returned in a process that involves squatting on vacant land and self-immolation. Uehling asks how they became willing to die for their national collectivity. She provides a fine-grained analysis of how “memories,” sentiments, and dreams of a homeland never seen came to be shared. Uehling suggests the second-generation has a surprisingly instrumental role to play. The way children correct and intervene in parental narratives, dissidents challenge interrogators, and speakers borrow and trade lines index this social aspect of memory. This book offers the first in-depth, ethnographic exploration of the Crimean Tatars’ experience of deportation from Ukraine at the end of World War II, examining how “memories” and sentiments were created and came to shape the dramatic repatriation to historic lands, which involved squatting and self-immolation.


İçindekiler :


Orthographic Note ix
Acknowledgments xi
List of Illustrations
Introduction 1 (24)
The Lay of the Historic Land
25 (24)
The Faces of Public Memory
49 (30)
Exile: Recalling the 1944 Deportation
79 (30)
Family Practices: The Social Circulation of Memory and Sentiments
109 (26)
The Crimean Tatar National Movement: Memories of Power and the Power of Memory
135 (34)
How Death Came to be Beautiful
169 (30)
Houses and Homelands: The Reterritorialization of Crimean Tatars
199 (32)
Sequel 231 (18)
Notes 249 (20)
Bibliography 269 (18)
Index 287

Palgrave Macmillan Ltd, 2004

ISBN : 9781403962652

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